NYC Marathon

You know what’s great about parenting? Stuff you won’t do for you, you will do for your kid.

I’ve lived in NYC for eight years. Every year I say, ” I want to go see the NYC marathon. I want to go cheer on the runners.” I never do. I get sleepy, I make plans for brunch, I have a lesson to plan.

This year I went. We bundled up baby boy and went to the route people were running. We high-fived, we cheered and helped make someone’s mile go a little better. It was fun. The baby did very well, smiling and looking Ay-dorable in his little hat. It was nice to feel apart of this NYC tradition. Little baby has done a ton of new stuff in his five months of life. He’s inspired us to actually do activities we just said we would do, “sometime.”  For example, walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Thanks, Baby!


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