So I was reading a motherlode post about RIE and how it’s the newest thing for cool parents. It’s all about independent play and building focus and not pushing kids. It sounded hokey, but what’s an internet for if not to search out topics you don’t know much about? So I did. It’s not so hokey.

It’s not so new, either. By giving kids independent time, they entertain themselves. This is a skill not too many kids have these days. I remember my sister and I would play by our house in this little woodsy area. We would cook. We did not have that huge play kitchen set, but we had leaves that we used as taco shells and filled with dirt and grass for the meat and lettuce. Yum! Between video games, AIM, phones and music players that go with them everywhere, kids today rarely have to make their own phone. Not a knock on them, because I don’t even wait in line without checking my email or playing a podcast. However, I would like my son to be able to come up with his own fun when he’s little. Or if his phone ever breaks.

RIE is like any parenting philosophy I find. I take some and leave other stuff. I like the independent play. I like talking to my son during his diaper change, narrating the action. RIE seems to not really encourage singing though. I GOTTA SING. As a bonus, my son adores it when we sing to him. So ixnay on the no inging-say. Old MacDonald and I have a thing going on. (Now “Me and Mrs. Jones is in my head.)

Me aaaaa-aaaannnnnnddd Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones…


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