We give the baby a bath every night. We don’t, however, use soap every night because we don’t want to dry his skin. Here’s how night-time goes:


Eat a little snack

– bath. I run the bath and husband nakeds him up.

– We splash, we play. It’s awesome.

– Dry off, put on jammies, lotion.

– Story or two.

– Eat dinner. (Him, not us)

We rock him and sing to him. He likes the baby frog song, You are My Sunshine, This Little Light of Mine and Hush Little Baby. He also likes Old MacDonald, but that song makes him laugh, so it’s no good for bedtime.

He goes down around 8 or 9.


But…Sunday night we got crazy. We went to see Harry Potter. (Great movie, go see it, don’t bring little kids.)

Now, in New York there’s been an issue with bedbugs. Sometimes I freak out about stuff. Sunday I freaked out about the theater having bedbugs. To calm myself down I wanted to take a bath. It was around Marshall’s bathtime, so I brought up to husband if Marshall and I should take a bath together. Husband was all, :Sure, why not?” but I was a bit nervous. Babies are very slippery after all. I’m game though, so I try it.


Good Points:

– Skin to skin time

– My baby is delicious

– Marshall loves the water and really got to move in it.


Bad Points

-Not very relaxing for me.I was worried I’d let him go under the water.

– A wet baby is slippery. I soapy baby is like holing a wriggling fish.

– He kept trying to get the soap.


Overall, a success. Husband came and got the baby so I could dry off. His turn to bathe with the baby is this weekend. We’ll see how it goes.


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