Funny Baby

I love my kid. He is high-larious. He can’t even talk yet and he makes me chuckle.

Two slices of life. One is funny. The other just interesting. Marshall’s fingernails grow SO fast. It’s ridiculous. I am nervous about using a nail-clipper. My pediatrician siad lots of parents accidentally clip their babies’ fingertips. I don’t need that. She suggested biting his nails. This I can handle. I’m a nail-biter from way back.


The other day the baby and I were laying in bed playing with a pooh-bear rattle. I noticed with my spidey-sense (and a scratch on my cheek) that his nails were getting too long. I began nibbling his nail. I held his hand so he moved it less and started on the tiny index finger. Marshall, in his magnificence, grabbed my hand and began gnawing  on two of my fingers. I was about to instruct him to let me have my hand back, but I was struck by the situation. In fairness, if I got my hand back, he should be able to get his back. He was doing exactly what I was doing and taking it very well. Who was I to complain? Unfortunately I couldn’t bite his nail with one hand in his moth, so I stopped the biting and went back to pooh-bear.


Marshall loves the heck out of his toes. As soon as he’s on the changing table, in the bath, halfway naked, there is a toe in his mouth. It’s hard to change him because he will not straighten himself.  Sometimes I just have to sit down and crack open my phone until the sweet call to the toe is satisfied.


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