Fun. Mostly. Drive up to the in-laws.Baby is not always fun in the car, but he’s getting better. We made the four hour drive in about five hours which is pretty good. It’s taken us even longer than that when traffic was bad, so considering we had a baby we made great time.


Everyone was glad to see the baby. It was very cold, but it was good to see people.

The downside? Our hotel had a fire evacuation. No, seriously. 3am. All three of us are asleep. We hear a fire alarm. BWAH! BWAH! BWAH! Now, our fire alarm at home is extremely sensitive, and we have set it off many a night while cooking. I spring up and start to go fan the smoke detector. Then I realize where we are and ask husband what’s going on. This was foolish, because he takes longer to wake up than I do. He suggsts I check out in the hallway. I do. There is no one out there. So I call downstairs. I speak with a woman who says they are evacuating everyone. Okay.


We spring into action. We get the baby’s bag, put him in his winter outside wear and put shoes and jeans on. We each grab a coat and go downstairs. There were people in front of and behind us and we didn’t smell smoke. We get outside and it is FREEZING. We see people wrapped in the bed blankets and everyone looks sleepy and miserable. I am so glad we took the time to put the baby in warm clothes. Husband suggests we sit in the car. We walk over and find othr people doing the same thing. It’s warmer in the car, but not warm. The baby is looking at us wide-eyed and unblinking. Our heart rates are slowing down and we watch fire trucks arrive.

A half-hour later we are allowed back in. I nurse the baby and he falls asleep. Surprisingly, it takes us much longer to do so. Husband can usually fall asleep immediately, but he doesn’t this time.

The entire situation could have been much, much worse. It was the first time that night to really process it, and doing so let us appreciate how well the night had gone, considering.Bad stuff happens sometimes, and we had been spared.

It turns out that someone at one of the two high school reunions (a 20 year and a 25 year) had pulled the alarm. Real mature, guys.



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