Excuse my boob

Boobs. Fine, well and good they are. I have nice boobs. Now they are feeding my son. I’ve become much more accustomed to my boobs being out. I don’t “whip’em out” necessarily, but I will feed my son when he’s hungry. I’ve nursed in museums, airports, airplanes, restaurants, hotel lobbies, even the zoo. It’s fine. I lift my shirt, he latches on, he eats, I lower my shirt. Boob is not out on display. I am usually wearing a tank top with a shelf bra, so I usually pull that down to latch him on.

At Thanksgiving we were out of time visiting my in-laws. We were at the hotel on Friday about to go back to my husband’s childhood home. We wanted to feed the baby right before getting in the car because he’s not really a car baby and being the timiest bit hungry doesn’t help the cause. I pulled my talk top down, pulled my shirt up and nursed him. He was finished so we went downstairs. When we got off of the elevator, I got a weird look from this guy, but I brushed it off. Maybe he doesn’t like babies. Husband went to get the car because it was chilly outside as I strapped the baby into his carseat. I saw some kids right outside the glass windows of the lobby and smiled. I turned to baby boy and lifted him into the air. As I did this, I realized MY. BOOB. WAS. OUT. This whole time my right boob was simply exposed and blowing in the wind. I never put my shirt down. Never put the boob away. Husband and I are just so used to boob being out, we didn’t notice. Guy in elevator noticed. I was horrified. I quickly put boob away and looked around to see if anyone else was staring. Maybe the way I’d been carrying the baby covered some boob? I could only hope. I was shocked. How had I just been walking around in public with boob out?

By the time husband pulled around with the car, I was still flabbergasted. Did that really just happen> I told him about the boob out and he was very nonchalant about the whole thing. “Nobody noticed,” he began. “If they had noticed, you would have known. The baby covered it.” I hope he was right. After a few minutes in the car I could laugh. What are you gonna do? It was over. We won’t be staying at that hotel anymore.


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