You know what’s awesome? When Marshall is sleeping. He is such a sweet, squishy, lovable baby. Today, a day I could stay home with him, he slept in until about 11am. When it was naptime, I held him as he slept. He has grown SO much. His little body used to take up half a lap. Now he has outgrown my lap. The lap ends and he’s still got ankles and feet hanging off. During his nap, he woke up, stretched, looked up at me and smiled. Then he settled back down to sleep. His smile was perfect. It was like he was reassuring himself I was still here and when he saw I was, he was glad and went to sleep. Now, maybe I’m reading into this. Maybe it was gas. But I’m pretty sure he was glad to see me.

When a baby smiles at you like that, like seeing you means all is right with the world, you can’t help but feel that you’re doing it right.


Also, watching old episodes of Ally McBeal is sad. It’s very dated and makes women look overly emotional and catty.


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