7 months

Dear Marshall,

You can crawl now! You move so quickly and arecreally getting into stuff. You smile and laugh like nobody’s business you still sleep late. I love it. You and I stay up until midnight together. This means you sleep when your nanny is here. I love you for coming up with this clever plan. This way I still get to see you, and you still get your rest. You are outgrowing clothes like it’s your job. No teeth. You are sitting up by yourself and you get in the position by yourself, but you’re not good at itvyet. You arevhowever, quite adept at pulling magazines and such off the coffee table. Bravo! Everyday is fun with you. You were a trooper in the snow, you didn’t cry even though it was cold. You are good in restaurants. We love to kiss you. You laugh when I kiss your nose. You are the sweetest baby I know and I love you.


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