8 months

I like being my son’s mom. He’s great. He has this new smile. It’s kind of mischievous, kind of sarcastic, kind of knowing. He crawls everywhere. He is simply amazing. I am so grateful for him. He likes to play with spoons. And a teeny, tiny, three inch bottle of blue liquid.  We put the bottle in the fridge so it gets cold for his little gums. He can play with toys now. I took out this musical toy we got at a shower. It spins, it is colorful. When he first got here, stupid me turned it on for him. He went to sleep. When he was 3-4 months, he would look at it. He would watch it for a minute or two. I lie. Three of four minutes. Then he would turn his head away.

Where is MArshall at eight months of age? He likes yoga. He does the downward dog. He gets into crawling position, then lifts from his feet until he’s a triangle shape. I’m not sure if he’s trying to stand, but its cute.

He’s also interested in kneeling. He kneels to play his drum. I’m guessing it gives him a better view and more control when he’s higher up.

He laughs when I talk in an Italian accent. “How ya doin’?” He giggles. “Say hi to your mutha fuh me.” He roars. He gets the joke. It is funny to have your mom ask you to tell her hi. It’s absurd. My son has a fantastic sense of the absurd.

He can sit up and crawl and then sit up again. he likes his talking, singing puppy. he plays his little piano. He definitely has his pincher working. He likes being worn around. We’re looking into getting a new carrier because he is too big for his current one. It goes up to 25 pounds, and he’s almost 20 pounds now.

The big news? Wait for it…

His first tooth is coming in!!! Yes. Bottom left. It’s sharp in his mouth. I’ve enjoyed his pink, gummy smile. The time has come for teeth. It started coming in yesterday. About a month ago, on the 31st, he started to crawl. He likes milestones near the beginning of the month. Also, I’m glad Carla is still on Top Chef.


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