Sick Baby :(

He went from hardly ating last week, (he was sick) to this new constant eating. I went from being all engorged and needing to pump, to pumping empty and only getting like 3 ounces.

At around 10:30, I felt his body tense up. Then all of a sudden white liquid came shooting out of his mouth. Not a small amount of liquid, but a lot. Like a cup. Or a gallon. It was a lot. Marshall has never been much of a spit-upper. Certainly nothing like this. I thought he’d be crying, but after the puking, he just went back to sleep. So I lifted him up on my shoulder and got a paper towel to clean up the mess. I figured it was just a big spit-up. Maybe catch up from all the times he did not spit-up. As I cleaned it up, I noticed it was white, nit bloody. No big. Maybe 10-15 minutes later, he does it again. This time it get all over me. He again goes back to sleep after a little bit of fussing. I brought him into the bedroom where husband was asleep. I explained what happened. I changed my shirt. He threw up several more times that night. We began to worry. He seemed to sad. He gagged. The vomining was exhausting. Should I feed him? Would that make it worse? We knew he could lift his head up if he puked, but we were still scared of laying him down. What is he was too tired to turn his head?  We laid him down next to us so we could hear if he was in distress or needed to puke. Several times we lifted him up and he puked. We went through lots of towels. We got better at catching puke. We went through three pairs of pajamas. Around 3am we called the doctor.


Tuirns out, there’s a stomach flu going around. 3-5 days of puking. Then 3-5 days of diarrhea. Great. Both of us felt awful for the baby. He looked miserable. Luckily, he went right back to sleep after being sick. The next day he was still puking. But after throwing up he’d go back to what he was doing. He didn’t play on the ground as much, but he was alert. The biggest difference was that he wanted me to hold him all day. Of course, I consulted the internets. The biggest issue was dehydration. The doctor said to give him an ounce every half hour so he doesn’t puke it all up, but still get some liquid. It it difficult to monitor ounces, however, when you are nursing. So we nursed a little. I had to cut him off though sometimes, because he wanted more. We made a doctor’s appointment for Tuesday. Tuesday, I wake up sick. I am vomiting. Gross. I can’t get it together. The nanny offers to come over and help. I’m about to say no, when I feel sick again. I invite her over. We take a cab to the doctor. The weather is icy and snowy, but we make it. I am crazy grateful the nanny came because I almost don’t make it to the doctor.

The doctor, who does not remember the Sunday night call, says Marshall looks okay. Yes, he has lost weight, but that’s to be expected. Not dehydrated. Marshall is trying to play with cords he can get his hands on. He’s got saliva in his mouth. We go home.

I spend some time lounging on the bathroom floor. I am so grateful the nanny is there. Marshall is crawling around, playing with his toys, he looks pretty good. He hasn’t thrown up in many hours.  Husband gets home. He is sick. I feel very bad for him because it is his birthday. He vomits. Gross.

We are all a mess. The next morning, husband calls in sick. This has never happened. I am in shock. The baby is sleepy. Really sleepy. The symptoms of dehydration are dry lips, sleepiness, loss  of elasticity in skin. The past few days, he hasn’t had these symptoms. Today he’s on the edge. Not eating. Tuesday night was full of fussing. I wasn’t too worried because he was fine earlier. He didn’t nurse. Wednesday  he didn’t eat. We took a bath to wake him up and encourage him to eat. No wet diaper for like five hours. We wre scared. We got ready to go to the emergency room. We figured we might be overreacting, but better safe than sorry. Marshall was sleepy. All the time. Not eating. Not playing. Just laid back against who ever was holding him. He looked sad. Despondent. He didn’t even splash in the bath. He did pee in the bath. Yes! As we were getting ready to leave, he perked up. He ate. Things were looking up.

We wait two hours.  He had peed and was perking up. His lips were looking crazy dry and skin was losing elasticity. I would grab some skin from the back of his hand. It should, and did snap back quickly. As Wednesday progressed, the skin did not snap back quickly. So we went to the ER.

We hoped in a cab and our poor sleepy baby was quiet in the cab.



This was the same hospital I came to when I had a stomach issue in January 2009. Everyone thought I was pregnant. I was not. This time I had a baby. We were seen very quickly. Someone took the baby’s vitals and asked us some questions. Marshall was perking up again. She took his temperature. Now, when we go to his doctor, he gets the cool temp. They use a tiny hammer looking object to read information. They guide it from his forehead down to his neck and then the temp pops up on a digital dia. It’s genius. They used the same tool on me when I was in the hospital having him. At this hospital however, they took his temp rectally.  This has never happened to Marshall. He looked surprised, but not in pain. Whew.

We went behind some more  doors and they asked about our insurance.  Then they weighed in in kilograms. He weighs 8.8 kilograms. He had lost weight since Tuesday. (It’s 19.36 pounds BTW.) He started this ordeal at 20 pounds. Then we sat. We waited. We napped. We kept trying to feed the baby. We reminisced about the last time we were there. It was the same day as the Miracle on the Hudson plane landing. A doctor came in. A resident. She looked him over. Examined him. Listened to his heart.

Let me back up here. I have an internet. It’s nice. It can be entertainging and informative. I looked up information about stomach flu, vomiting, diarrhea, pedialyte, etc. everyday. I wanted infor and the internet was happy to oblige. My question, despite my research was one of degree. How sunken did sunken eyes need to be to be?



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