Nine Months

You have now been outside the womb longer than you were inside the womb. Yet pregnancy seemed to last forever and the last nine months have sped by. Flown. With a tail wind even.

You have grown so much. Yes, it’s a cliché, but you really are growing like a weed! I look at you now and I hardly recognize the tiny baby you used to be. You are big now. Long limbed and so sturdy. And you can do stuff! Hold up your head, play with toys, bang spoons and crawl. You are swift. So fast you can snatch a pair of glasses of Daddy’s face like nobody’s business. And this is when he expects you to grab them.  You have a rocking/wheel toy your grandparents got you for your first Christmas. You can now sit on it alone, hold on and even rock a little bit. You sit on it so straight and tall I forget you’re a baby. But then your feet don’t quite reach the floor and I remember. (And am relieved.)

Your newest thing is standing. You flipped over at like 4 months. You crawled at 6 months. Very late 6 months. Now you stand. All. The. Time. You reach up to the coffee table. You get on your knees and  use the table to pull yourself to standing. Your feet however, are further away than your hand on the table, so you have to walk in to the table. It’s like you’re closing up your stance. Then you touch, pick up or swipe off what ever is on the table. It’s fun. (no, it’s not)


You like to climb on us. Legs, arms, chest, whatever. You think we are here for your enjoyment. Your favorite spot lately is on the bed between us. You eat, crawl over to Daddy, climb his arm, laugh, come eat again, lay down, smile, repeat. It’s awesome. Now that I think about, its one of my favorite places, too.

Two teeth. These came in February, you were eight month old. You bite now. Great.



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