I love the Spring. Husband doesn’t. He does well in cold weather. he finds it brisk; invigorating. He’s from New England. Spring makes him sneeze. A ton. And blow his nose. Loudly. He’s miserable and I feel for him. But how can you not LURVE Spring? The flowers? The breezes? New shoes! I also have allergies, but I brush them aside to enjoy the warmth in the air and the budding of the trees. Even the rain doesn’t bother me. I like it. It makes the allergies go away for a bit and I just kinda love the rain. I have lived in a rainy climate, and as long as there isn’t too much of it, I love the rain.


This is all preamble for my point. Life is sweet. Not candy sweet, but sweet like water. Pure, necessary and affirming. Yesterday I was walking home and was struck how good life is. The sun was out. Beautiful. It wasn’t warm, but the so being out is a terrific start. I was going home to see my beautiful, smiling boy. He’s fantastic. He claps now. He is ALWAYS standing and climbing. (Luckily I still find this adorable.)  He’s still got his two teeth, but those work for him. We have a baby-sitter that likes him and he likes her. My husband is rocking. He is an amazing husband and Dad. It’s funny to watch him and the baby. The baby lights up when he gets home. They rough-house and read stories and it’s crazy to see someone else love the person that I love so much.

To top it all off, I get to read on my commute home. That is not something I do a lot of these days. I used to read All. The. Time. Once the baby was born, I read like one book in three months. Or four. I forget. Anyhoo, with my train ride, I can read for long, uninterrupted stretches. And today I got two new books to read! Two! Even after I read the first, I have one in reserve. This thrills me.

There are so many times I get stressed, or competitive about the baby’s milestones or a messy house or where we’re going to send the baby for pre-K or what I’m going to cook for dinner or why is the baby crying or why is husband sleeping and not me or whatever, that it was nice to feel at peace. There’s always a reason to be crazy or charged up and breathing heavy. So when a time comes where life seems unbearably sweet, I try to savor it. And encourage the feeling to come again.

So walking home, I felt very happy. I rolled my happy around in my moth like a lemon head. (I love those.) I thought to myself, “There’s lots of stuff wrong in the world, but right now, my family is safe and happy and I’m going home.”

And it’s Spring.


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