Husband Came Back

So…He came back fom his weekend away. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. The baby and I hung out with some of my friends, did some shopping and got some good rest. Bath time was hard. Getting out of the tub with a wet baby takes mad skills. We had sandwiches for dinner or went out. My friends are amazing and I appreciate them. It takes a village.

The baby is now and 11.5 month cutting his top teeth. Well, one of them at least. We are planning a birthday party. Beach theme. At the park. Please, pray for awesome. It’s going to be a small soiree, but he prefers intimate gathering to big blow-outs. I’m nervous that things will go wrong. Or everyone will judge my birthday party skills. Parties aren’t my bag. I make a mess out of decorations. I like to plan and order and organize, but with a one year old, hat’s all kind of sketchy. You know what? I’ll take a prayer of pretty good at this point. I need to get my hair braided. Update out.


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