Weekday Adventures

I’m super blessed. I get to spend two days a week at home with the baby. Sometimes this means we sleep late and play chase for a good part of the day. Sometimes it means we have adventures and lessons. Yesterday we had adventures and lessons.

The lesson was people are both helpful and jerky. Yes, it is very deep, but I’ll describe my day to illuminate the lesson.

So. We start by rising at 8am and having breakfast. My son and I both enjoy cheerios and toast for breakfast. We play with the pop-up toy and read I am Black, I am Unique. Then we got dressed to go to the library.

We live near several libraries which is awesome. They do children’s programs and once a week have a baby storytime. We usually miss this storytime because the baby like to sleep at this time. Yesterday, he was up and at them, so we left. (We left late, but what are you gonna do?)

We walk there and when we have completed 70% of our journey, he fall asleep. This is lame. I like to take advantage of his naps by either: a. sleeping, b. watching The Good Wife or c. cleaning something. (I’m lying on c to make myself sound better. I actually prefer being on the internet during his naps.)

Secondly, he loves being outside. The sights, the smells—it’s a cornucopia of experiences and the baby loves it! I hate wasting prime outside time when he can’t enjoy it. So I turn around. Storytime would be lame if he’s asleep and hopefully, I’ll return home in time to have 20 minutes of me time. I walk half a block and turn around again. Maybe I’ll meet a nice mom there. Maybe the baby will wake up in 10 minutes.

Random guy tells me he like my “crazy hair.” Thanks?

As I cross the street another random guy, maybe 45ish tells my my shoe is untied. “You’re running across the street and fall and you both die.” Unfortunately, the baby is asleep in the boba carrier which prevents the bending over shoe tying. I thank him for the heads up and continue to walk.

Not 20 seconds later another guy, this time younger, cuter and with an accent tell me my shoes are untied. “You want me to tie them for you, mami?”

Why yes, yes I would. This was very helpful. He saw the problem and fixed it. Thanks, stranger!

(Sidenote: Husband did not like that the guy tied my shoe. He thought it was too personal. That’s crazy.)

Then we go to the library, There’s singing! There’s stories! The baby is a sleep so I grab a book about Einstein not using flashcards. After 15 minutes the baby wakes up to have a good time. We go in the room and there are maybe 12 adults with children. They are all brown save 2 women. I am pretty sure that eight of them are nannies. How do I know? Attitude. The moms that were there were on the floor with their kids. Only one nanny was on the floor. My kid conked a kid on the head with a toy truck. I was mortified. The nanny did not bat an eye. And the nannies talked to each other, not the kids. Well, most of them. He floor nanny talked to her kid.

We did a craft and then toys were brought out with which to play. We stayed longer to read a few more stories and crawl around. Then we went to the park. On the way home, another random guy asked me if my kid was mine. Older guy. Maybe 50.

“What’s his name?”


“Why’d you give him a white name?”

“It’s not a white name.”

“Yes it is. That is a very Europeanized name.”

“What’s your name?”



“Did I say Donald? It’s Donnie. It’s on my birth certificate.”

So I’m thinking to myself, “Donnie? That sounds like Trump’s kid. How is this dude talking to me about how Black my kid’s name is?”

Then this mail carrier breaks into the conversation. She’s pretty, maybe 25 and says the baby’s name a few times. “That’s how the girls will say it one day. It’s a great name.”

“Thanks,” I reply. The spell of the evil business minder was broken. As I walked away I seethed a bit, but reminded myself of the nice shoe-tier.

“Wow, BnB,” I can hear someone saying, “lots of adventures!”

But I’m not finished yet. On my way to the drugstore later it started to rain. Someone from my building asked where my umbrella was. I told him that we were just going to the drug store with is super nearby.

Then some random lady, maybe my age, pulls a black umbrella out of her bag and gives it to me. I was extremely surprised and managed a hurried thanks as she quickly made her way to the subway.

The kind outweighed the unkind. Lesson: There are more good people then jerks in the world. It’s funny how the actions of strangers can do so much to affect your outlook.


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