Stupid Everything

I hate everything. I hate that my air is dripping, making it hard to look around. I hate that my son grabbed for my contact lens case and now I can’t find one. I hate that my husband acts like it’s so easy and simple to shower, get dressed and go about the day with a baby with ou 24/7. So what if I didn’t put my dirty clothes in the bin?! He never has the baby ALL DAY. He always gets to shower alone.

I hate that I still haven’t found my phone. I dream about finding my phone. In the dream it was in a bureaus thing by the window. We don’t ave a bureau thing by a window. I hate that my glasses are all foggy. I hate that. On the bright side, I’m out of nouns to hate. I thought I could fill a page with hate, but I’m feeling better now.   Maybe I could put my dirty clothes in the hamper. Maybe. Once a week maybe.


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