Party Time!

Before party:

Nervous. Who knew throwing a party for a kid was so much work? He won’t even remember today. yet I’m getting all worked up over this. Rest assured, I’ve thrown parties. Good parties. Great ones. You know hw I did it? Booze. That’s all aparty needs when you’re in your 20s. Lots of booze. Jello shots. Tequila. Some concoction to which you give a funny name. Husband got a surprise party one year. We’ve done super-bowl parties. Light snacks, booze, good time had by all.

This thing here? Hard work, my friends. We have a theme. It’s the beach. Thankfully, at least Scooba has been to the beach, so it’s not like we were completely making stuff up. We have favor bags. Is that what they call the little treats you take home from parties? Party favors? Anyhoo, we haves’em. The “bag” is a sand pail and shovel for the beach. Inside we have goldfish crackers, bubbles, little sunglasses and a beach ball. Very kid friendly and pretty effing cute.

We have a cake with a beach scene. We have cutesy happy birthday cups/plates stuff. We have food. Pasta salad! Yum!We finally found an birthday outfit.(Finally! Shopping for boys is hard.)

The party is at Central Park, so we have to transport things down there in shifts. Husband is going first with my mom. I’m coming down later with the birthday boy. We’re bringing blankets and toys. Hopefully it arms up a bit. It’s supposed to be 78 degrees today, so I’m hopeful. I just put matches next to my phone so we don’t forget them. I hope Scooba doesn’t freak out when we all sing to him. I hope he keeps his little sailor hat on. He’ll probbaly have a good time hanging in the park. He likes grass. I hope he doesn’t get overwhelmed by all the people. My mom is visiting this week, and it took a good two days before he’s super cool with her. The first day he would let him hold her, but only if I was there. Now he actively searches her out to play. All these other new folks? Ehhhh, I don’t know.

Cake? Baby’s first frosting? We let him have a little cupcake on his birthday. He didn’t seem to love it. However, I’ve seen the pictures. The frosting all over that baby’s face, the smile of joy and the sweet, sweet sugar. The messy look of after-cake glow. I’m kinda wondering though, if those pics were staged. Scooba just turned his nose up at the cupcake. No smiles. No smearing. Maybe the crowd will stir up feelings of cake-love? We shall see.


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