My kid is super cool. How cool? He went to the Bruins parade, fell asleep and woke up when the Stanley cup came by and began clapping.


We went to the city of my husband’s birth for a wedding. We had a good time. We went in the hotel pool and the baby swam for the first time. He was great in the water. I LOVE the water and Scooba is good in the bath, so I anticipated a good time. He got hungry halfway through the swim, so we got out and had a snack.  The Bruins parade as fun. Husband is a hockey fan, so he was psyched we were in the city for the parade. There were a million people, but most of them were polite-ish.

The wedding was a blast. The baby (toddler?) was terrific on the train and a good time was had by all. It is summertime in Gotham City and I am ready for it. I am off for the summer so we will be tearing the city up. Playgroups, stroytimes, swim classes, museums…the city is ours. I’m thinking about starting a meet-up group for moms who can hang-out during the week. I keep herring people saying they have a moms group, and I want one.

Where do people get these mom groups? Are you in one? Did you start it yourself or hear about it? I need some mommy friends. Hook a sista up.


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  1. Aimee
    Jun 25, 2011 @ 23:32:48

    I would totally do a moms group but I can’t during the week. 😦 My husband might, as he is home with our kid during the day and is looking for friendly neighbors. Let us know!


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