Yeah, Beach!

Beach Trip 2011


So. We are high-tailing it out of the city to glorious St. Thomas. (Cue St. Thomas Way music.)


We got up at the crack of dawn to catch our early morning flight. We are normally running late for appointments, trip, etc. , but this time we were on-time. The baby and I were waiting in the baggage drop-off line when Husband joins us. Turns out there has been a delay. A three hour delay. Lame. So we hang out at the airport as the three hour delay becomes a four hour delay. Lame. We finally take off around 1pm.


The beach is gorgeous. It turns out babies are harder to get ready than adults. Well, maybe not harder, but you can’t just be like, “eff it, I’m just going without sunscreen.” Or bug spray. Or shoes. Or go in the water at 6pm even though it’s a little chilly. Heaven forbid the baby get too cold. You have to put on and have all the stuff. And not just sunscreen or bug spray, but all natural stuff because no one wants to put chemicals on precious, important baby bodies. (I’m half-sarcastic here, but half serious too, apparently, cause I did it.) Anyway, we did not put bug spray on the first time and now he has a bite on his cheek. Good parenting, guys.


The water was an adventure. He looked at is suspiciously at first. We walked in it last night and he would be okay until a bigger wave came and then he wanted to be held. Today we went in together and he was great. We went very slowly, just creeping into the water. When the water reached the holy grail of places, the midsection) he was still rockin’ it. We put him in his floaty toy and he was still smiling. He floated and we smiled at him and he was happy. Then he got hungry. First he wanted back in my arms and then he wanted OUT. NOW. I nursed him on the beach and we went back in the water. This time he was more energetic and we had a game of chase with Daddy.


The best part? His walking has exploded. Last Tuesday, he Tuesday he really began to walk. Before it was a few steps, but as of Tuesday, it’s full-fledged walking alone. Since we’ve been on the beach he has walked on sand, climbed stairs (with assistance) and darted out much faster than you’d expect. He is a delight. A hit with family and strangers alike. He is napping now. His naps have been pretty scarce since we’ve been here. He plays so hard and so long until he just conks out. Literally babbling to himself in the dark until his body can’t take it anymore. He just likes exploring new sights and sounds. Pink flowers on a bush? Let’s pull’em! Soild ground? Let’s stomp on it! He smiling all day long ad ready for adventure. Sand kind of confounds him at this point, but he takes it in stride. We’ll see what is in store for tomorrow. Happy 4th.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Aimee
    Jul 05, 2011 @ 23:58:16

    Sounds like a wonderful vacation! Is there a time difference? How did he do with that and on the flights?


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