Really, Giggles?

Note: I wrote this at the beginning of July, before we went on vacation.

I’m a shopper. I’m a Black shopper. I usually get treated well when I go to stores. People say how are you, can I help you, etc. Today I was treated badly. Maybe not badly, but not well.

So I go into Giggles looking for a floppy hat for the beach for the baby. I’m also in the market for some California Baby sunscreen. I love California Baby. Their bubble bath is out of sight! Anyhoo, I enter the store and no one says anything. I look around and no one says anything. I look at the strollers, checking to see if they have the uppababy g-luxe. Then I move onto the bath area and notice they have the bug repellant and sunscreen I’ve been needing. Then I mosey over to a table with some summer clothes. I see a pair of swim trunks with the diaper inside and some floppy sun hats. Score. Then I notice the nalgene straw sippy cup that I’ve been looking needing. This place is a jackpot! I wonder if they have more swim trunks because they only have 6 months on the table. I look around and several sales associates are in the back, stocking or something. One lady is behind the counter and another is walking around. So I ask the chick behind the counter if they have more sizes of swim trunks. The answer is no. Bummer. So I am about to decide what to buy, but I had another question. I look around for some help, again, and there’s no one there. I call out, “excuse me…” and still nothing. Now I’m upset. No one can help me? Another set of people has since entered, they were helped immediately and were working with a salesperson.

I swallow and decide I’m leaving. I felt ignored and confused. Was I not wearing the right clothes for this place? Was it because I’m Black? They weren’t even busy. I felt myself getting tense and angry and frustrated, so I turned to leave. As I got to the door I see an uppababy stroller. It just so happens I’ve been looking at those bad boys on Amazon. So I start to check it out, and lo and behold, guess who wants to help me now?

Seriously? Now that I am touching a stroller near the exit you swoop in and want to help me? Now when I needed help or had quesions, but when I’m looking at a stroller near the door? I hate when people are rude. MAybe they don’t know, but there’s a recession out here. If a customer is coming into your store, be nice to them. They ignored me and at the last second as I wheeled around the stroller they come in as if I’m taking the stroller with me. Giggles’ loss is’s gain. I bought $60 worth or stuff there instead and got it the next day.


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