Bucket List

Okay. So I’ve been kind of MIA lately. I’ve had some family stuff that had to be handled. I’m still dealing with it, but I can do that and blog as well. To get things started, how about some life goals? I realized looking at my last bucket list, that I can cross a few items off the list. I went to Egypt, saw the pyramids and had a baby. I gave birth, breastfed and have an awesome kid. Check, check and check.

Do you have a bucket list? Are you gonna write one now?

Here’s my new list:

1. Learn to speak Spanish fluently.

2. Learn Portugues.

3. Go to Ghana, South Africa,and Brazil for extended stays.

4. Visit Iceland, London and Uruguay.

5. Publish a book. Novel, Children’s book, memoir or cookbook.

6. Meet Oprah and Maya Angelou.

7. Have a daughter.

8. Take my mom to Italy

9. Become super adept with my camera and take take super banging photos.

10. Go scuba diving.

11. Go scuba diving in Australia.

12. Learn to ski.

13. Ride a horse.

14. Learn to sail. Maybe buy a boat. Call it the ‘Totally Awesome’ or something.

15. Learn to surf.

16, Learn karate. Unexpectedly kick someone’s behind.

17. Drive a Porsche.

18. See the Grand Canyon

19. See Victoria Falls

20. Go to Alaska and Hawaii.

21. Travel with the San Diego Chargers for a season.

22. Go to all the baseball stadiums in the country.

23. Take a painting class.

24. Take a cooking class.

25. Run a 10K.

26. Get my PhD.

27. Be elected to public office.

28. Gain a second income from blogging. Or just have my blogging be wicked popular. 🙂

29. Swim with dolphins.

30. Have a house with a library and a window seat for reading.

31. See Summer Olympics events. Especially gymnastics or track.

32. Attend the Super Bowl

33. Go to a World Series game

34. Go to Times Square on New Year’s Eve, but watch from a swank hotel room.

35. Travel around the world.

36. Do a cross-country road trip.

37. Do Burning Man.

38. Do La Tomatina

39. Go white water rafting.

40. Ride in a hot air balloon.

41. Go Wind-Surfing

42. Go camping at Yellowstone (Jellystone) and Yosemite.

43. Go to Uluru in Australia.

44. Go to Disney World.

45. Go to the Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C.

46. Buy a beach house.

47. Start a scholarship

48. Go to Bali and Bora Bora. I like the way they sound.

49. Go on safari.See a lion.

50. Have a bill passed.

51. Give a TED talk.


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