An earthquake in NYC? Yes, and I was there.

East Coast earthquake? Do they have those here? Seems like.

I was in the kitchen making a sandwich. We just returned from California this morning. Husband was on the couch. I feel the kitchen swaying and shaking. I look around and wonder if I’m just dizzy. I look out to the couch and he looks FREAKED OUT. “Do you feel that?!”

I grab the baby and pull Husband to stand with me in the doorway. I’ve ben through many earthquakes. You wait it out. You stand in the doorway. (Or crouch under your desk if you’re in school.) I thought I was overreacting. New York doesn’t get earthquakes. Maybe some issue in the building? But Husband and I just sttod there and felt the earth move. Then we heard people outside shouting about it. We turned on the news, and there was nothing confirming the earthquake. Nothing. Thanks, news.

I went to twitter. Boom. It was an earthquake. We were not crazy or hallucinating. JFK Airport is closed. So is Newark Airport. I called my family in California…they are not very impressed. I am very thankful we were not traveling or asleep. Husband told me he thought he was having a heart attack or something. One of his main arguments against moving to California was a fear of earthquakes. This kinda takes care of that argument, huh?


Earthquake 2011.


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