A Hurricane? Seriously?

Hurricane Irene is coming. It is supposed to be here tomorrow evening into Sunday. A Hurricane. I thought that was a Florida/Texas thing. Turns out, they happen here, too.

An earthquake? I can handle it. A hurricane? How does that even look? Do people die in these? The trees could fall down and hurt someone I am told. There’s a significant chance we could lose power, so we have stocked up on water. We have batteries, flashlights and candles. I am a little worried about the amount of canned foods we have. This is another time I am SUPER glad I nurse. I don’t have to worry about feeding the baby or clean water to make formula.

I am also worried about the subway being shutdown tomorrow. You can ALWAYS ride the subway here. You may have to wait at 2am on a Sunday morning, but a train is coming. Places downtown are under mandatory evacuation. I am going back and forth between thinking this is a big deal and thinking people are blowing it out of proportion. I am going to pack a go bag, just in case. This is my second big deal thing this week. what an eventful summer.

And did I mention? I also went to Central Park and fed an alpaca today. So, I am doing big things this this week.


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