My Bad

So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Mea Culpa. Work got a little crazy and stresful and my own classes became a little more intense.

Quick review?
– Halloween: The kid was a dinosaur. He was adorable. We went to a halloween party and trick or treated at two houses. He fell asleep pretty early, but was a super-trooper.

We went to Connecticut. We love going to suburban areas and hitting up the mall and a neighborhood eatery like 99. It reminds us of our childhoods and we are not ashamed. We saw some college friends or Husband’s and has a lovely time. It’s fantastic hanging out with people who also have a toddler. Not only are they understanding about meltdowns and such, but they also have all the accessories we need like cheerios and sippy cups.

New developments: The kid can now say bro-bro. I said it to him as a joke and he repeated. Cutest ever. He has a rash on his back and torso. Getting him checked out on Wednesday. It doesn’t seem to be bothering him though, se we are not too freaked out about it.

I was sick two weeks ago. Husband is now getting over his sick. Baby always seems to have a runny nose.

Getting ready to transition to working full time and putting baby in daycare. Not freaking out yet, but getting ready to do so.


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