Brief Update

Marshall is now 19 months old. I know, I know, I have been extremely
derelict of duty when it comes to this blog. In my defense, work has
been cray-cray. I am now working part-time in education. It is
fantastic. I get to work, which I love, and I get to spend two whole,
lovely days with my son. Unfortunately, times being what they are, it
is tough to make it on one and a half incomes. It’s do-able, and we’ve
been doing it for awhile, but times are hard.

The plan was for me to return this month to a full time working
schedule. It had been a good run with me working part-time, but I like
to visit my family in California, so that time has come to an end.
Except it hasn’t. My current employment situation has changed, so I
will be remaining a part-time employee. We are putting him in day-care
because we can no longer afford our baby-sitter.

Christmas? Thanks for asking, it was great. The kid loved opening
presents. We took walks, Husband and I went out without the kid and
had a lovely time. Spending time with the family was fantastic and so
relaxing. My mom made us breakfast and I cleaned the kitchen everyday.
It was awesome.


Visit 1
We found a daycare close to work and took a tour. The director is
fantastic. She is well-trained and has a fantastic tone when talking
to babies. The center is clean, colorful and everything is new. Lots
of arts materials and items for pretend play.

Visit 2
We came back a second time to meet with Marshall’s possible teachers.
One seems a bit immature, but she’s the junior teacher, so we did not
stress about it. The other teacher has lots of experience and said the
right things. She re-directs children if they are not following
directions and she comforts them if they are crying after the parents
leave. Awesome.  I was all ready to hate it, but even I had to admit
they were pretty great.


We’ll see how it goes.


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