Wow. Lame, Harl…

Wow. Lame, HarlemMommy. It’s been two months. Lame. So…What’s the deal?


I’ll tell you. I’ve been working all the time. And going to class and spending quality time with loved ones. I’ve been neglecting my blog responsibilities however, and that’s just not right. So, I am putting myself on a schedule. Once a week. If I do more, pin a rose on my nose, but at least once a week.

Right now, I wait until something has happened before I blog, but I’m going to have to just write. Do one of those memes or something. Daycare is going well. The kid loves being around all those other children. No fuss, no muss. I spoke with the woman who runs the program about my concerns and they were fixed. Win.

Today I feel like one of the gross moms. My son has pink-eye. I’m pretty sure that’s a dirty kid disease. His eye is all goopy and ucky. I dropped some breast milk in it, but to do so was like wresting 2 tigers and a monkey. It cleared up some goop, though so I’m leaning on the, “it was worth it” side.

To celebrate, we bought the boy new shoes. Second step of bad parenthood, my son’s shoes were WAY too small. He’s got a giant toddler foot. Size 8. He was wearing a 7! In my defense, I told Husband we had to get him new shoes. Toes aren’t supposed to stick out the front end of shoes. Husband assured me that there was no problem. I shrugged and figured if things were bad then the kid would complain. Nope, the kid just ran off as soon as he got his shoes on his feet. Lesson learned.

Turns out, you get pink eye from touching your runny nose and then touching your eye. I’ve probably had it myself four times and just didn’t realize it. Touching your nose and eye? That’s like Marshall’s m.o.  The doctor said they’ve had a ton of kids come in with pinkeye. To which my husband replied later, “That’s probably how the baby caught it.” Maybe. Totally. It makes more sense then my being the gross parent.

Lessons? Wash your hands. All the time. Don’t put eye drops in a toddler’s eye unless you are ready to rumble. Now you know.



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