Flying Baby

Air travel is a butt-kicker. Even the best of flights is still just trying to get from point a to point b. With a baby? Sigh. .It has it’s ups and downs. we just got back from the beach and had a not so great flight with the baby.

So far the kid has flown to Atlanta, San Diego (twice) Boston, Arizona and St. Thomas. He did Atlanta at three months. He’s been preety ideal on these flights. I did the first San Diego flight alone when he was five months. I was terrified. Flying is hard. The waiting, the uncomfortable seats, the air quality, etc. But my grandmother had never seen the baby. She wasn’t really in position to fly so my broter graciously offered to fly us out there. I had so. much. stuff. Stroller, carseat, diapers. Ugh. In the end though, he was great. He nursed throughout the flight, bus especially upon landing and take-off. He slept. When he was fussy I had toys at the ready or i would just sing. About five hours in I was ready for the flight to be over and so was he, but we landed soon after that. The bonuses were a changing table in the lavatory and I din’ drink much water so I did nto have to use the facillities myself. By the end of the flight people commented ow well behaved my son was. Winning!

Fast forward to this trip.

Yay! We're flying!

We arrived on time (early even!) to be told there would be a three hour delay. Scooba was awesome. He played, walked around, snacked and slept. Ideal kid. The departing flight was fine. He slept a little, nursed at take-off and landing and slept a bit more. The car trip was a night mare, but we made it.

Flight home? Ugh. He was the kid you dread having on the airplane. As we began our descent, he started o cry. Looking back, he was probably teething, but at the time I was at a loss as to what would help. We tried to nurse.

He cried.

We tried to sing.

He cried.

We bounced and explained what was happening.

He cried and cried.

Then a man across the aisle started making silly faces at him and gave him a thumbs up sign. This was met with a smile and a baby thumbs up sign.

Then after five minutes, he cried.

Now, the cry wasn’t a piercing scream, but it was a decidedly unhappy sound. No tears, but kind of a wailing thing. We tried to nurse agin. Still nothing. We couldn’t get up and walk him because we were landing. Landing takes forever. I felt like that mom. The mom that’s judged. “Why can’t she take care of her kid? She should have prepared better for this.”

“This is why Malaysia Air won’t let babies fly first class!”

“Babies shouldn’t fly!”

I got super hot and was about to cry myself. Husband wasn’t super helpful. I’m going through all these changes and he’s just kind of looking at me. I ask him (kindly? tersely?) with my teeth clenched to do something. He replies, that I’ve done what he would have done. My arm clenches and I can feel my eyes begin to burn. “Well, we have to do something!”

Then he stopped crying. For no reason. Then we landed and then he was in a great mood again.

Lesson? I don’t know, man. You never know? Kids change just like adults do? Even awesome babies have bad days? Probably that last one. Scooba was good in the car ride home and is a great sleeper. So, meh. Vacation was fantastic. I am sorry to those people on the flight though. I did what I could people. And Scooba will be a very good worker to support your Social Security needs in the future.