Catching Up

So. September is drawing to a close and autumn is upon us. I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year. It’s colder, but not freezing yet, which is good. School has started which is kind of lame, but also exciting. New TV season begins, which is great, but also means I want to watch more TV. Football is in full swing, which I love, but baseball is approaching play-ofs which means the husband will be staying up too late.

All in all however, I like Fall. I like new boots and the crisp air and the reflection of it all. That said, let’s take stock, shall we?

The baby is doing marvelously. He is growing like a proverbial weed. He is tall and healthy and keeps outgrowing shoes. He loves to dance. He does a full-body shake thing that is adorable. He is normally pretty happy, but does have a temper when he doesn’t get his way. When this happens, watch out! He will grab at your face. It’s not so bad when his nails are cut, but when his nails are long it is a killer. He loves to play. He likes his puppy toy the best. He loves real dogs a ton. When he sees a dog outside, on TV or in a book he points to it and screams, “Dah-dah!!” It’s cute, but if you’re in Duane Reade, it can be embarrassing.  He is a good walker, says a few words, (mama, Da-da, sometimes duck, maybe?) plays with everything. He maes everything into a phone to talk on, and conducts business. Bowls and pots are still aces in his book. He is still a night-owl. He sometimes gets shy around other kids and dos not like it when people shout. It freaks him out.

Today we went to my friend K’s house. Her little boy is a few months older than Scooba. Her son was being friendly and would shout at Scooba, “Bubbles!” Scooba looked startled and ran to me to pick him up, please. He can now hug and kiss and is learning to blow kisses. It is adorable.

He still loves the park, but is less about the swings now. He likes to explore all over the park now. Favorite songs are still Old MacDonald and This Old Man, but he also loves Mi Cuerpo and the ABCs. Also I’m a Little Froggy. He did great when we visited San Diego and let my brother hold him for extended periods. Loves to play chase. Is eating lots of solid foods. Beans and lentils are a big hit. He loves fruit, especially strawberries and watermelon.

Me? I am tired. I am taking night courses and get home around 10pm one night a week. It’s good because Husband has one night a week where he is the guy doing everything. It’s good that he gets the one-on-one time with the baby.I’m back at work which is pretty good. Exhausting and busy, but fulfilling. I’m loving twitter.


My Boy Likes to Party all the Time, Party all the Time, Party all the Tiii-iime!

Oh, you don’t remember Eddie Murphy’s album? Nevermind.

We made it. Not only is our son one, but we’ve even had a party to celebrate. It took much planning, several really, really good friends, my mom and a permit, but we even had a good time at the party.

So, we packed party stuff the night before. We planned on two shifts to take supplies and food to the park. The day of however, Husband gets antsy and wants to get there even earlier. So he takes one bin of supplies- (tablecloths, bottles of water, blankets, etc) with him to the park. Great.

I was worried about food. I didn’t want anything to spoil, so I would go at the last miute with the food. My mom, who is super awesome and a trroper, graciosly helped me cut up fruit for the fruit salad that morning, and helped me wrangle our new little toddler. So mom went with my vert good friend, and the baby’s Godmother to the park. They took a little bit of food, toys and other miscellaneous items. As soon as Mom left, the baby fell asleep. He’s wearing a onesie, a wet diaper (I was just about to change him.) and he passes out. Oh. Okay.

I can’t wake him up. He’s a beast when he’s sleepy. I needed a happy kid today, not the growling, thrahing tiger he’s been known to become when overtired. So I let him sleep. Manwhile, he wasn’t dressed, I still had to gather the candle, matches, sunglasses for Husband, shoes for me and the baby…

So he sleeps. Husband and I had been calling each other all afternoon, and when I told him our little friend was out like a light, he had very good advice. “Well, just put him down and relax awhile.” So I did. I gathered what I needed and then just kinda chilled. People I trusted were at the park setting up, my very good, kind friemds were on theri way to take me to the park, and my kid was sleeping so he’s be freash as a daisy for the party. I was like the kid from Mad Magazine, “What me worry.”

You know how life is sometimes so magnificet and works out unexpectedly? Well, my friend comes to get me, I’m about to load the car, and Scooba wakes up. Just like that. He wakes up happy and smiling. Yay. We leave. He’s happy in the car. Yay,

People arrive. They like the food. We’ve laid out blankets with toys on the grass and babies play with them. We have beach balls and bubbles going. A football is being thrown by some older party guests. Mingling is happening. Before I know it, it’s time for cake. I am sure Scooba will cry, but instead he is frantically grabbing for my boob. I try to convince him to wait. His actions indicate he is not one to negoeciate. Luckily, when the singing starts, he is distracted. He enjoys the singing and just looks around at the sea of faces. Then we blow out the candle. People eat cake, he eats boob. The picture of the kid with frosting smeared n his face? No go. We gave him some cake, but he just ate it. He’s much messier with yogurt.

We clean up. My mother0in-law and Mom really taking the lead there, thankfully. We figure out how we;re going to get everything back,(once againg getting by with a little help from our friends) and are home within 10 miutes. Our family comes back to the house to hang out for a while and we open presents. Scooba took a good nap and then played with some ribbon. He got a good haul which included some sorely needed bath toys. Woe betide the bather who bathes the baby without bath toys.

He’s happy, we’re happy, guests were happy. No huge incidents, kids LOVED the party bags and also the bubbles. It was amazing seeing people and feeling loved. Our son made it one whole year and we didn’t break him. Although, Husband threw him on the bed and I scolded him saying, “Great, you broke the baby.”

“Well, that sucks. He’s only got a one year warranty and that just expired.”

“Isn’t that always the way?”

It’s funny, cause now that he’s into everything, our triumphant “We did it!” attitude is quickly being replaced with, “Oh crap, he’s…”

And he bit me today. He bit me. Why? Because I flipped him off? Because I called him a mean name? Did I trip him? No. I wouldn’t let him play with scissors. My bad, son. No wonder you bit me, you did what you had to do. Bite the mother who. Feeds. You. Every. Day.

Year 2 has begun.

Party Time!

Before party:

Nervous. Who knew throwing a party for a kid was so much work? He won’t even remember today. yet I’m getting all worked up over this. Rest assured, I’ve thrown parties. Good parties. Great ones. You know hw I did it? Booze. That’s all aparty needs when you’re in your 20s. Lots of booze. Jello shots. Tequila. Some concoction to which you give a funny name. Husband got a surprise party one year. We’ve done super-bowl parties. Light snacks, booze, good time had by all.

This thing here? Hard work, my friends. We have a theme. It’s the beach. Thankfully, at least Scooba has been to the beach, so it’s not like we were completely making stuff up. We have favor bags. Is that what they call the little treats you take home from parties? Party favors? Anyhoo, we haves’em. The “bag” is a sand pail and shovel for the beach. Inside we have goldfish crackers, bubbles, little sunglasses and a beach ball. Very kid friendly and pretty effing cute.

We have a cake with a beach scene. We have cutesy happy birthday cups/plates stuff. We have food. Pasta salad! Yum!We finally found an birthday outfit.(Finally! Shopping for boys is hard.)

The party is at Central Park, so we have to transport things down there in shifts. Husband is going first with my mom. I’m coming down later with the birthday boy. We’re bringing blankets and toys. Hopefully it arms up a bit. It’s supposed to be 78 degrees today, so I’m hopeful. I just put matches next to my phone so we don’t forget them. I hope Scooba doesn’t freak out when we all sing to him. I hope he keeps his little sailor hat on. He’ll probbaly have a good time hanging in the park. He likes grass. I hope he doesn’t get overwhelmed by all the people. My mom is visiting this week, and it took a good two days before he’s super cool with her. The first day he would let him hold her, but only if I was there. Now he actively searches her out to play. All these other new folks? Ehhhh, I don’t know.

Cake? Baby’s first frosting? We let him have a little cupcake on his birthday. He didn’t seem to love it. However, I’ve seen the pictures. The frosting all over that baby’s face, the smile of joy and the sweet, sweet sugar. The messy look of after-cake glow. I’m kinda wondering though, if those pics were staged. Scooba just turned his nose up at the cupcake. No smiles. No smearing. Maybe the crowd will stir up feelings of cake-love? We shall see.

One year! Holy Crap!

We made it a year. I know, we can’t believe it either.

Here’s what I know so far…

1. Kids grow fast. I know that’s not super deep, but truth is truth. The year flew by and I can’t believe all the new controls my son has. It started with holding his head up, and now he can walk. Walk!! Un-effing-believable. The first month, no the first week, I was sure I wouldn’t make it to a year. I would look at the internet and it would have information about a 2 month old as being all new. Two months! That seemed a lifetime to live through. Now it’s been almost 12 months. The first three months crawled by, then before I knew it, he was six months old!


2. Kids get big. He used to fit in one arm. His whole body. Now he has outgrown my lap. When he sleeps, it isn’t the tight little swaddled, fetal positioned like the newborn of olden days. It’s a long-limbed sprawl out, like a teenager.


3. Kids get fast. This dude can pop a piece of lint in his mouth faster than you can say, “Jackie Robinson!” He crawls so fast he actually, (I do regret this) made it to the toilet once. I’m sorry, I just didn’t realize how swiftly one could move on all-fours. Now that he’s walking with more regularity we are super screwed.


4. My mom loves me SO. MUCH. I did not realize the fierceness or the depth of my mother’s love for me until I had my son. Yes, my mom loves me. Yes, she’d give me a kidney. I knew this. But, after having Scuba, I really get it. No wonder she was up nights when I was coughing. I used to wonder how she knew I hadn’t been feeling well.  Now I know a mom can’t sleep well if her kid is awake and sick. No wonder she was up when I came home from a night out. It’s hard to get comfy when your kid isn’t safe in her bed. I still check to make sure my son’s breathing. I get it now.


5. Your kids are you. I am stubborn. So is my husband. So is my kid. He’s got my eyes, my husband’s chin and sometimes looking at him is like looking at all the people I love. He’s me. It’s amazing and frustrating at the same time. He’s mischievous and I don’t know whether to laugh or scold him. Good or bad, I can’t deny he’s mine.


6. Your kid is not you. More and more, he’s got his own agenda. I want him to lay down, well tough noogies, he wants to play or cry or crawl or look and see what’s happening around me. I want him to leave the stereo alone? Okay, but I’ll have to fight him for it. The older he gets, the more he wants independence. Today it’s walking by himself, one day he’ll want to decide on his own college major. You can guide your kids, tell them your good ideas and even give them consequences when they make mistakes, but in the end, they are their own selves; individuals with their own paths to blaze. His life belongs to him to be fantastic or to be lame.


7. The sound of your baby’s laughter is like liquid sunshine. And honey. And joy. And music. All put together. His smile is like going down in a roller coaster. I have totally fallen in love with my son. I’ve fallen in love with how my husband has fallen in love with our son. There’s nothing like a man and his kid. I just want to take a bath in it. My husband just gets all soft-eyed and lovey dovey for this little dude and I just wanna hug’em both and cry for the goodness of it.


8. The whole parenting thing is so freakishly hard there should be a license or a mental exam to take before they let you do it. This is SO. Hard. And there’s not a lot of off-time. Yeah, you can get a baby-sitter, but you still worry and are concerned and what if something happens? I now exist in a world where I am never completely and totally worry free. I don’t worry about myself. I’m awesome. When I get into scrapes, I figure something out. My husband is a grown man. If he falls, he’ll get back up and keep it moving. The baby? So small. So vulnerable. Do you know how many ways he could be hurt or maimed? Have you heard of molesters? Most of the time I keep the bad thoughts at bay, but it’s hard.


9. My kid is AWESOME. I mean it. He is funny. He is adorable. I can’t believe we get to spend so much time together. He laughs at most of my jokes. His cheeks and nose are perfection. He’s like a baby David; perfectly proportioned goodness. He’s a problem solver that figures out how to overcome obstacles! He also tries to talk with yogurt in his mouth which is cute. (I know it sounds gross, but really, trust me, it’s cute.)


10. The bad parts don’t last too long. Even when things are horrific and I’m sitting by the baby swing he hates and he’s crying and I’m crying and I don’t know who’s going to fix this…it passes. He stops crying, I stop crying, we smile again. Sometimes in the thick of it all, it feels like he will always be small or hungry or needy or wet or just something, but it passes. This helps get through the tough times, but also makes you want to slow down the good stuff because those moments don’t last too long either. The silly smile, the tooth just poking through for the first time. Chubby, impossibly soft arms around your neck. So good.



Husband Came Back

So…He came back fom his weekend away. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. The baby and I hung out with some of my friends, did some shopping and got some good rest. Bath time was hard. Getting out of the tub with a wet baby takes mad skills. We had sandwiches for dinner or went out. My friends are amazing and I appreciate them. It takes a village.

The baby is now and 11.5 month cutting his top teeth. Well, one of them at least. We are planning a birthday party. Beach theme. At the park. Please, pray for awesome. It’s going to be a small soiree, but he prefers intimate gathering to big blow-outs. I’m nervous that things will go wrong. Or everyone will judge my birthday party skills. Parties aren’t my bag. I make a mess out of decorations. I like to plan and order and organize, but with a one year old, hat’s all kind of sketchy. You know what? I’ll take a prayer of pretty good at this point. I need to get my hair braided. Update out.

8 months

I like being my son’s mom. He’s great. He has this new smile. It’s kind of mischievous, kind of sarcastic, kind of knowing. He crawls everywhere. He is simply amazing. I am so grateful for him. He likes to play with spoons. And a teeny, tiny, three inch bottle of blue liquid.  We put the bottle in the fridge so it gets cold for his little gums. He can play with toys now. I took out this musical toy we got at a shower. It spins, it is colorful. When he first got here, stupid me turned it on for him. He went to sleep. When he was 3-4 months, he would look at it. He would watch it for a minute or two. I lie. Three of four minutes. Then he would turn his head away.

Where is MArshall at eight months of age? He likes yoga. He does the downward dog. He gets into crawling position, then lifts from his feet until he’s a triangle shape. I’m not sure if he’s trying to stand, but its cute.

He’s also interested in kneeling. He kneels to play his drum. I’m guessing it gives him a better view and more control when he’s higher up.

He laughs when I talk in an Italian accent. “How ya doin’?” He giggles. “Say hi to your mutha fuh me.” He roars. He gets the joke. It is funny to have your mom ask you to tell her hi. It’s absurd. My son has a fantastic sense of the absurd.

He can sit up and crawl and then sit up again. he likes his talking, singing puppy. he plays his little piano. He definitely has his pincher working. He likes being worn around. We’re looking into getting a new carrier because he is too big for his current one. It goes up to 25 pounds, and he’s almost 20 pounds now.

The big news? Wait for it…

His first tooth is coming in!!! Yes. Bottom left. It’s sharp in his mouth. I’ve enjoyed his pink, gummy smile. The time has come for teeth. It started coming in yesterday. About a month ago, on the 31st, he started to crawl. He likes milestones near the beginning of the month. Also, I’m glad Carla is still on Top Chef.