Party Time

Okay. Wait. You are such a good dancer. You move your teeny hips, bob your baby head and rock out. It’s amazing. Yesterday we listened to a Billy Joel concert on PBS and you danced like you were there, too. Two things to share with you. You slept a TON yesterday. We woke up at 930ish. You were asleep at 11ish. You slept for TWO hours. You were awake for another two hours and then slept for another two hours. I can usually only get you to sleep for like an hour. Then, since you slept so late, I figured you wouldn’t get a third nap. You went to sleep at 10pm, and I figured that was it for the night. Au Contraire, mon frère. At 1030, I laid you down. Yay. But you stirred. No big whoop. I fed you a little til you fell back asleep. This you were not having. You stayed awake. Eating. Sleepy, but not asleep enough for me to get up. Then I saw your eyes open . I kept mine closed so you wouldn’t want to play. I thought to myself, “Not tonight. I have work tomorrow. Please, go back to sleep.” I saw your little eyelids blick and search out into the darkness for a smile. You were still quiet. No whimpering or crying. When you made a little whimper I switched bbobs and you were content. Finally, 7 minutes in, 7 minutes of me hoping and praying that you’d go back to sleep, you cried. Crap. By this time, I was sleepy. I thought, “Come on, really?!” I sat up and put you in the rock a bye baby hold. I began to sing and rock you. Would I have to get up and rock around to lull you back to sleep? This time you looked awake. You reached your hand up and felt my lips and nose. You wanted to play. No. I kept my eyes closed. It’s after 10pm. You are 9 months old. No. You felt for my nose. Normally I’d pretend to gnaw on your finger and you’d laugh, but this time, I just ignored your roving finger. Still, you persevered. I opened my eyes just a slit to see what you were doing. Your eyes were looking for life. A smile, a noise, anything to show I was awake and the partuy could begin. This I could not handle. I broke. I smiled. Bingo!! You totally came to laugh and smiled back. A great big, welcome to the good time grin! I opened my eyes and you giggled. Out of joy? Perhaps? Because you had got me again and despite my effort we were playing? Could be. I choose to think you just wanted more time with me.  I laughed, then you laughed again. I could not help myself. Yes, I would be tired the next day, but how can I resist such a delicious smile? Those eyes? I kissed your sof cheeks and we went into the living room to continue the party.

(Where you then stood up using your rocking toy and would peer back at me occasionally and give the happiest little smile ever. Night full of win.


Please, Baby, please

Why is my son still awake? He had an exciting day today, so he should be tuckered out. He slept at 7pm for 20 minutes. Fine. At 10pm, he slept, but then woke up when I put him down at 10:15. He is now happily gumming on his letters; I think it’s an “L.”


So. Sleepy.

We’ve sung. We’ve danced. We have walked around. He’s not even yawning.


So I’ve been trying to come up with names for my family on the blog. I’m just gonna call my husband husband. Or Sugar Honey Baby. SHB. The baby will be baby. Or Bucka. I don’t know why I call him Bucka, but I do.

Oh! So why boobs and bummis? Cause thats what I think about these days. My boobs are always out. I’ve thought more about my boobs in the last five months than  I have since I didn’t have ’em yet. My son eats boobs. He nurses on demand and the boob is a huge parts of his life. And bummis are his little cloth diaper covers. And I like alliteration.