Ahhhhh! New Year?!

I cannot believe it is 2011. I’m still behind on blog posts! I have one from November, and I need to write about Christmas and one about traveling with the baby, and one about going back  to work. Life is hectic, but sweet. Sometimes Life is so sweet I just want to bask in its goodness. We had a pretty uneventful New Year’s Eve. We arrived in town around 9pm and came straight home. We started unpacking and opening mail. We ordered dinner and watched CNN with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin. They were hilarious. I feel bad for poor straight-man Anderson. He is so serious. Then we switched to CArson for the New Kids on the Block performance. Win! They did the Right Stuff and that little back and forth leg move. We loved it!

Baby boy fell asleep around 11:30. We toasted in the new year and took some pictures. Vacation was thankfully uneventful. We hung out, saw family and relaxed. My brother came over and so did my nephew. Baby boy also crawled forward for the first time, causing my surprised husband to curse in front of my mother for the first time. (Oh shit!)

We tried more solid foods. My son finds them lame. We did carrots: Messy. He spit them out. My brother chimed in, “Who likes carrots? He’s not gonna eat those. Carrots are gross.”


We tried bananas. The kid acted as if the were poison. He actually gagged. Bananas? Kids LOVE bananas. I mushed them and he refused them. I was more for baby led eating, but my mom and husband were afraid he’d choke, so I used a spoon with the bananas. Still no go, but cleaner than the carrots. After to carrots we had to give him a bath. This was my fault, I guess, because I let his feed himself using his hands. Oh well.

We tried sweet potato. Come on? It’s delicious and packed full of vitamins. I even moxed it with milk so he’d be used to the taste. Still nothing. He gagged just bringing the spoon close to his face. (He loves spoons by themselves, though.) My son is seven months old and doesn’t like solid foods yet. We’ll try again next week.