I am so excited to take you places. Oprah just took her audience to Australia. I want us to take you to Australia. I’m excited to see you play on the beach. I want to take you to the beach. I want to take you swimming. I’m excited to see you smile when you see shells and fish. To see the delight on your face when the waves crash on the shore. And if you hate it, that’s okay, too. We can go to Paris. We can go to Ghana. We can go to St. Maarten. We can go to Chicago and Disney World.

Daddy and I like to travel, and we’re excited to resume our schedule of going to fun beaches. Daddy loves historical places, so maybe we’ll take you to Greece next spring.

On a side note- you like to laugh. When we do something silly or unexpected, like make your orange square toy dance and zoom around, you crack up. I love it. It’s late. You should go to bed.